Who We Are?

About us

Diamanium Tours and Adventures is a full-service travel agency that serves business and leisure clients who require professional, friendly and efficient organization of their outbound and inbound travel & tourism needs. The members have experience of more than 10 years in tourism sector. It has been founded on World Tourism Day 2021 (been celebrated by United Nations World Tourism Organization on every 27 September of the year) and opting to become a prominent leading company in industry. To continue offering its customers with a variety of and best possible quality services, our company has and will strive to have excellent cooperation & relationship with several international organizations and suppliers worldwide to meet client needs and expectations. Diamanium’s sustainability and practices are directly linked to its employees’ believe in fundamental corporate values to satisfy customers with innovative technology, superior quality, value and friendly services. Blending the extensive network and expertise in this field, at this company we are capable of arranging tours that are characterized by the fascination of the sites, the quality of the offered services and the luxury of the accommodations offered with a great selection of locations in every tourist destination. Besides, every tour that we arrange is rich with great opportunities as well as carefully thought out.

Tourism Services

Diamanium Tours and Adventures has the knowledge, expertise and experience to arrange and deliver all travel & tourism related requests received from a company, family or individual no matter how big, small or unusual are the needs.
Our staff, our travel consultants love solving puzzles, no matter how many pieces, in order to clearly see the big picture. Our passion comes from managing and analyzing all of the tiny details that embody leisure and corporate travel—from the simplest to the most challenging needs.
Among others, we provide our customers with the following services

Quality Rent a Vehicle (RAV) facilities
Air tickets to any destination
Hotel or accommodation types booking
Transfers, airport meet/greet and farewell
Visas to many countries
Travel insurance
Medical tourism
Religious tourism (Incl Hajj, Umrah, Sufi Tourism, Sikhs pilgrimage, Buddhists’ trails, Hindus’ holy sites)
Meeting venues booking, conference and event attendance
Honeymoon packages
Tourism packages to many countries internationally (Coming Soon)
Study Tours for School/College/University Students
Cultural Tours in Pakistan
Adventurous Tours in Pakistan
Archeological Research Tour of Pakistan
Assistance to media companies for making of documentaries in Pakistan
All kinds of domestic tours

Our Mission

To meet our clients’ every travel needs through our excellent customer service, efficient and cost-effective operations. To reach the company’s vision, our mission extends with global promotion strategies, establishment and/or acquisition of new companies, partnerships and other ways to further extend our global market entry strategy and strength.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be one of the most popular travel agencies globally, offering services to every sector of the individuals and business communities. It is also our vision to utilize the experience of the highly professional staff members of our company to deal with the requirements of holistic traveling for both leisure travelers and corporates.

Our Team Members

Our company is manned with experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual and highly qualified team based on considerable experience combined with youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit, in-depth knowledge of the products and services we offer and commitment to all aspects of travel and tourism management.

Our Goals